Warm Mineral Springs-Little Salt Spring Archaeological Society

North Port Florida

       The Warm Mineral Springs-Little Salt Spring Archaeological Society represents Sarasota County and Charlotte County.

       The WMS/LSS Archaeological Society is a group of local citizens interested in the cultural heritage and history of our state, country, and world. Our focus is on education and historic preservation and we support professional research. We provide monthly meetings January through May on archaeology, history, paleontology, and related subjects.

      We also provide analysis workshops; field trips to museums, archaeological sites tours, etc. We inform members when volunteer opportunities are available on professionally supervised projects and encourage participation. We work with city and county government on local preservation projects and generally try to have fun while learning about history and archaeology and the importance of preserving our cultural heritage for future generations.

       If interested in joining, please contact: Hilda Boron 941-426-1719, Linda Massey  email: 
lmassey628@msn.com  or  Steve Koski  email: skoski@rsmas.miami.edu 941-423-0835

       Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at the North Port United Community Church at 3450 Biscayne Blvd. North Port, FL  at 7:00 P.M.

  President - George Haag   email: georgehaag1@gmail.com
  Vice President - Jodi Johnson  email:  jodi.johnson@ncf.edu
  Secretary - Hilda Boron   941-426-1719
  Membership Secretary - Linda Massey   email: lmassey628@msn.com
  Treasurer - Kate Cattran   email: roleencattran@aol.com
  Librarian - Lorraine Hawkins  941-276-2144  email: landlhawk@aol.com
  Media Correspondent - Linda Massey    email:

  Board of Directors:
  John Crescenzo        Judi Crescenzo       Robert Dunay       
  Ann Hansen             Steve Koski            Sandra Heacock
  Carol Myers             Tena Docter            Lorraine Hawkins
  Wilburn Cockrell, honorary

  Webmaster: Bill Gibson  email: thenpgibsons@hotmail.com

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